NFT Art Generator is now

NFT Art Generator is now


Gregory Marcilhacy

June 13, 2022

The #1 NFT Platform to generate, deploy, and mint your NFT collection.


One Mint, formally known as NFT Art Generator, was created in September 2021 when we realized that no-code tools for NFT were inexistent. Today, One Mint is an international team of 5, has generated thousands of NFT collections and has been used by some of the biggest NFT collections known.

One Mint helped deploy thousands of NFT smart contracts on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon (and more) and creators have generated millions of dollars on Ethereum alone.

One Mint currently has the best no-code NFT Generator on the market, with free IPFS upload and no upfront fee to deploy a smart contract. ALL in ONE platform. Including an embeddable mint button, a mint page and an access list builder!


What's next?

Our mission is to build amazing tools for NFT creators and close the gap between collectors and creators. This is why One Mint is launching the One Mint Genesis NFT Collection.

One Mint Genesis will be 100% powered by One Mint!

One Mint Genesis

One Mint Genesis is an NFT collection that will give his holders special access to the One Mint platform. Holders will be able to stake their NFTs and earn $ONE ERC20 tokens.

$ONE will bring utility for creators AND collectors during the phase 2 and 3 of our roadmap.

Follow us on Twitter for mint details, dates, price, etc.

Phase 2

Collectors and creators with $ONE tokens will gain access to our calendar view of upcoming projects launching using One Mint. Collectors will be able to redeem their $ONE tokens in exchange for reserved Access List spots and raffles.

Creators will be able to create raffles for the $ONE token holders and offer access-list spots. Additionally, creators will be able to redeem their $ONE tokens for discounts on the One Mint platform.

Creators will be able to redeem their tokens for discounts, run raffles, and get featured on our calendar page.

Phase 3

We will be sharing more details in the coming weeks but we are building something unique for both NFT creators and collectors. 🤫


Phase 1

  1. NFT Art Generator
  2. Launchpad (ERC 721, ERC 1155)
  3. Mint Pass / SDK

Phase 2

  1. NFT Launch
  2. NFT Staking
  3. Team Expansion
  4. Connect collectors and creators

Phase 3

  1. Never seen before NFT experience (collab with selected partnership)
  2. Launch to One Mint holder only
  3. Public Launch

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