Create your NFT
trait marketplace

Zero code. Fully managed NFT Trait marketplace. Start from scratch or import your existing NFT collection.

Itʼs almost too easy

Our technology enables an new type experience that used to be incredibly complex and expensive to create.

Step 1

Use our Art Generator to create your collection and create your ERC-721 contract.

Step 2

Create your ERC-1155 and import your traits in the Art Generator to convert them into NFT traits.

Step 3

Open your trait marketplace to mint, sell and customize your NFTs.

NFT Traits Marketplace

Mint or airdrop new traits to your community. Reward your most loyal members. Build cross-community parternships.

Community Trait Marketplace

Build a unique marketplace for your community. Reward your community by allowing them to customize their NFT.

New Revenue Stream

Create a consistent revenue stream by releasing new traits over-time.

Release New Traits

Release seasonal traits that will provide new means to keep your project goings as special dates come around.

Change Trait's Price

You may modify the supply and price of your traits at any time.

Private Traits

Allow minting for the wallet part of your access-list.

Mint Requirements

Unlock minting traits only when a certain NFT is owned.

White Glove

Some projects need special features or customizations. Thatʼs why we offer a white glove service for ambitious projects.

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