How Adidas is Pioneering a New Age in Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty

How Adidas is Pioneering a New Age in Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty


Fernando Segre

September 1, 2023

Blockchain & Dynamic NFTs

While the first wave of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) may have waned, the next evolution of this groundbreaking technology—dynamic NFTs—has surged in adoption. Unlike static NFTs, which have fixed properties set at creation, dynamic NFTs evolve in real-time based on events or interactions. These advanced tokens offer incredible potential for driving brand engagement and customer loyalty to new heights.

Adidas: Setting the Gold Standard in Web 3.0 Customer Engagement

Adidas is a trailblazer in embracing Web 3.0 technologies to enhance brand loyalty and customer engagement. Following the massive success of their ‘Into the Metaverse’ collection, which netted $22 million from the sale of 30,000 NFTs, the sportswear titan is stepping up its game. It’s now offering existing NFT holders in the ‘Into the Metaverse’ community a new dynamic token called 'ALT.'

From Static to Dynamic: The Rise of ALTs

The ‘ALT’ is no ordinary NFT. By allowing users to 'burn' or exchange their existing NFTs, the ALT token serves as an evolving avatar that adapts over time and can be utilized in various interactive experiences. It elevates user engagement by providing exclusive access to new merchandise, sports and lifestyle experiences, and even intellectual property rights. Each ALT comes with its own unique 'storyline' based on one of eight sports or lifestyle categories, further increasing its utility and value to the holder.

The Unparalleled Utility of Dynamic NFTs

Dynamic NFTs offer a broad spectrum of opportunities for brand-customer interaction. Imagine a fashion brand creating a dynamic NFT that increases in value as you make more purchases or engage with the brand online. Alternatively, consider a beverage brand offering NFTs that unlock real-time discounts based on your geographical location or current weather conditions. Unlike static NFTs, which are often seen as mere collectibles, dynamic NFTs provide real utility, serving as digital access passes to a brand's ecosystem.

Beyond Speculation: How Dynamic NFTs Drive Genuine Value

Recent NFT campaigns by well-known brands have often fallen into the trap of being seen as ‘money grabs,’ offering little value beyond their speculative worth. Dynamic NFTs, on the other hand, provide true utility. Adidas, for example, has crafted a campaign that makes the ALTs more than just digital assets; they're entry points into an exclusive community. As you engage more with the brand, your ALT increases in value, which you can then exchange for tangible rewards, like premium experiences or merchandise.

While the benefits of dynamic NFTs are compelling, there are challenges, particularly around the technicalities of constantly updating blockchain data. However, solutions like decentralized data storage through InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) or layer-2 solutions are emerging to tackle these issues.

Concluding Thoughts: The New Frontier of Digital Ownership

The era of dynamic NFTs signifies a transformative phase in digital marketing and customer engagement. Brands like Adidas are leading the charge, marrying the physical and digital realms to create a cohesive, highly engaging ecosystem. Through dynamic NFTs, consumers don't just buy products; they become co-creators and brand ambassadors, influencing the brand's journey in real time.

With dynamic NFTs, we're not just witnessing a fad; we're seeing the future of digital ownership and customer engagement come to life.

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