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10 April, 2022 - An unprecedented NFT collection, “SunRose Yelp Reality Maker”, will be launched today as a courtesy of ImagineDAO and its global art community for Indigenous Indian women 
SUNROSE YELP REALITY MAKER”, the first ever Indigenous women NFT is co-created by SunRose IronShell, poet and artist of the Lakota Nation who is joining forces with Ecem Dilan Köse, a leading NFT art designer from Istanbul, Turkey, in order to raise funds for ImagineDAO (Imagine Dancing As One) to promote gender equality in the echo of the UN sustainable development goal number 5, during this year's International Women's History Month. 
In the documentary film "Woman of the White Buffalo'', SunRose uses the metaphor of a unicorn to describe Indigenous youth and people. “After existing through genocide, assimilation and historical truama, Indians are a rare breed. The 2020 census listed Native American people as only 2% of the United States whole population. Indigenous people still raise their voices to say "We are Still Here" and "our existence is our resistance". How many Indigenous women sit at the table? When was the last time you pulled in an Indigenous woman to be a part of your team or at least critique your project. Giving Indigenous women a voice is just like giving Mother Earth the Microphone. Wopila Tanka and big thank you, ImagineDAO for seeing our people, introducing us to the NFT platform and standing with us to save the Planet.”
The globally collaborated team will be launching the 10,000 female Indigenous avatar collectibles generated on the Ethereum blockchain with around 100 attributes featuring the properties of Indigenous women’s cultural identity through fashion and art. SYRM will be available to the public for minting on the ImagineDAO website at the sunrise time 06:53am in the Lakota, Oglala Lakota County morning.
SYRM is an NFT collection that raises funds for the first phase of ImagineDAO (Imagine Dancing As One), a social biobank built to create a global supply chain backed by biofuel, using seaweed to achieve the UN global goals and a paradigm shift for universal abundance. 
“Generations of Indigenous women have become targets of patriarchal dominators who rape and murder Indigenous women, take Indigenous land and children, as well as try to uproot Indigenous culture. The SYRM NFT symbolizes the surviving warriors of Indigenous women and acts as a reminder so that no one would forget the traumatic history of their peoples. It will also serve as an immutable record on the blockchain which no authority can deny. We aim to summon 'reality makers' who, together, dream to make an abundant world for all, a reality. ” Said by Sharyn Yau, spokesperson of ImagineDAO, at the inaugurating space of the #SilenceNoMore art challenge event held by NFT Oasis and New World Nomads with the “Women of the White Buffalo” film team last month.

ImagineDAO and its community members aim to tackle the suppression of patriarchal domination and manipulation by going to the root cause of the world problem; they are driving a paradigm shift by replacing fossil-based plastics with infinite biofuel.

ImagineDAO targets to raise $500k in order to build a bio-business that is worth 1.2 trillion USD, a business for sharing dividends with its $Imagine token holder. The SYRM NFT is a ticket to the ImagineDAO community in which all holders will receive not only dividends but many invaluable rewards by participating in the making of an abundant future.

ImagineDAO and its global community is creating an alternative supply chain backed by seaweed biofuel to steer toward a paradigm shift for universal abundance, both for humans as well as for the environment.
SunRose IronShell is a ledger artist, poet and fashion designer. Member of the Oceti Sakowin, the Seven Council Fires also known as the Lakota Sioux. She advocates throughout Indian country to promote cultural education and Indigenous opportunity. She earned a BA in Museum Studies and a BFA in painting in 2012. She is featured in the documentary film “Woman Of The White Buffalo” and contributes to the social media outreach with live interviews and news segments. You can catch her live feeds every Sunday on Facebook and Instagram:

Ecem Dilan Köse is one of the UN women ambassadors of Turkey. She is a conceptual contemporary artist with deeply ingrained roots in the architectural discipline and generative art. Her works focus on connecting traditional art with modern technology by means of digital installation of architecture. Her installation work for UN WOMEN in 2019 TANIK (witness) has vastly raised the awareness for the violence against women.

About Sharyn Yau
Sharyn Yau is the founder of ImagineDAO, a global partnering platform that is creating an alternative supply chain. The aim is to create biofuel, using seaweed, in order to achieve planetary regeneration and mass human abundance. 

Professionally, Yau is a veteran public relations specialist in films from Hong Kong, including over a hundred global film titles from several different countries including the “Twilight” movie series .She is keen on connecting conscious filmmakers such as Deborah Anderson, to various communities and the media industry. 

She is leading the Renaissance 2.0 campaign as a kick-starting phase of ImagineDAO, which is a voyage onboarding women directors who tackle the issue of fossil fuels, water distribution and gender inequality within the metaverse, in which NFTs are used to regenerate human values through art and music.
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