Tournament of Mice

This 2022 debut collection of 1500 mice come from one of those magical places that you may have read about in a story book. 

100 Mice will be selected as ALPHAS and printed on the upcoming game cards. ALPHA Tokens also represent the highest level of membership and other benefits, including Profitsharing.

Over $10,000 in other prizes released as the ALPHAS are drafted. One draft pick + two more winners will be released weekly for every 15 mice minted.

FREE NFT Mouse Champions
  • Mint 5 / Get 1 Free Mouse
  • Refer a friend / Get 1 Free Mouse

collection Image

Get Your Share of $10,000 in Prizes!

  1. Mint as many Mice Champions as you can for 5 MATIC each. You will recieve one free mouse for every 5 that you mint.

  2. Our Master Game Designer will choose 100 Mice from among the first 1500 to be printed in the Collectable Card Game. Theese mice become the ALPHA collection and evoke the highest level unlockable benefits for those that own the NFT.

  3. 400 other mice will be randomly selected to provide a prize to their NFT owners.
  • - 100 Special NFT+ Edition Storybooks
  • - 100 1st Edition Card Games
  • - 100 Exclusive Mouse Merch Packs
  • - 100 Tournament of Mice T-Shirts

ONE IN 3 MICE WILL WIN   -  Prize Drawings Begin April 1st

Recent Mints

Tournament of Mice - 17

Mouse Champion

Tournament of Mice - 16

Mouse Champion

Tournament of Mice - 15

Mouse Champion

Tournament of Mice - 14

Mouse Champion

Tournament of Mice - 13

Mouse Champion

Tournament of Mice - 12

Mouse Champion

Tournament of Mice - 11

Mouse Champion

Tournament of Mice - 10

Mouse Champion

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