Mint date:   2/20/2022

Blingy Gallery NFTs

Blingy Gallery comprises a team of talented individuals with expertise in blockchain and creative design.

Blingy Gallery seeks to make NFTs multi-blockchain accessible and available to everyone on a single unified platform, with a relentless focus on a "user-first approach."

Our vision is to ensure that our users take advantage of the revolutionary technology that NFTs bring to the world.
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Blingy Baebees

BLINGY BAEBEES is the first set of NFT projects under the patronage of the Blingy Gallery. Inspiration is drawn from the urgency of the protection of Bees and other pollinators who greatly impact our environment’s health. The world as we know it, will become extinct without these important creatures.
Bees are essential for human and environmental health, the role of bees as pollinators ensures that our nutritious food sourced by agriculture is maintained and botanical species continue to thrive.
BLINGY BAEBEES borrow from the teamwork, self-organization, and continuity attributes of bees. Our BAEBEE's design elements are taken from different nationalities to reflect a global community. There are lessons to be learned from the behaviors of the bees. Placing our differences to the side, we all have to unite in saving and protecting the planet in which we share.

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